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Frequently Asked Questions about our Horse Training Program

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There are fixed costs and variable costs. The fixed cost is the boarding price. The training cost is variable, meaning only the days where the horse actually receives a training session will be charged. We chose to do this for reasons of transparency, this way you know what you get, you will know exactly how many training sessions your horse had. Sometimes Gabi chooses to work the horse 1 long session a day or 2 short with no extra cost. Your horse will be worked 5-6 days a week.

We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for a solid result. If you are a good and confident rider and are already experienced with Natural Horsemanship, a shorter time frame might be enough. We recommend up to 12 weeks if you are an unexperienced rider and wish your horse to benefit from a solid foundation on top of the actual starting process.

It depends on a lot of factors:

  • For how long has the issue already existed? The longer the problem has been there, the longer it will take to erase the habit and to install a new response.
  • Is the issue caused by physical problems, saddle fit or the rider?
  • Is the issue caused by simple lack of education?

Some Problems are really easy to fix and can be solved in one week. Others, especially those that have already been there for a long time and come together with physical issues could take up to 8 weeks to fix.

We recommend bringing the horse for 2 days of evaluation to have a better picture of the situation and then make a decision.

Yes, it is possible and we even recommend you  come and watch, because you will get explanations at the same time and learn a lot about your horse. Please be aware that your visits need to be announced and confirmed.  

Yes, if your horse only stays for a few days and he is used to a special kind of food, please bring it with you so his digestive tract doesn’t get disturbed. We offer good quality hay. For horses who stay for more than 1 week we can work out an adapted feeding plan together with you according to what your horse needs during his stay. Please let us know prior to your horses stay about your horses feeding habits.

  1. Passport of your horse
  2. A grooming kit
  3. Halter and Leadrope
  4. Bridle and saddle if you have one – for starting we can also provide a saddle
  5. Leg protection
  6. Fly spray in summer
  7. Fly mask in summer

Your horse have to be up to date with all vaccination, influenza and tetanus. If your horse will be  staying longer than 2 months we also ask for Rhinopneumonie vaccination. Your horse should also be regularly dewormed, not longer than 3 months ago.

Ideally your horse is up to date with its hoof care when arriving. Should your horse need extra care during his stay, we can organize it.

Yes, your horse will always remember what it learnt, if you ask it correctly. Horses are a little bit like computers, they only do 3 things:

1. what you tell them to do
2. what they are programmed to do by nature and humans
3. what you allow them to do

However, a program that has been installed at le Plessis can become deinstalled, by asking in the wrong way or if you repeatedly accept a wrong answer. This wrong answer will become the new program. The good thing is, horses never forget anything. So if you manage to ask again correctly and consistently, the horse will remember very quickly and give the correct response again.