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Problem Horses


What is a problem horse? Part one of our definition: A horse who is not doing what he or she was asked to do. Part two: A human who does not have the right problem solving strategy to fix the problem!

Does your horse have one or more of these bad/unwanted habits?

  • Dominant
  • Pushy
  • Over-confident
  • Bolt
  • Trailer loading problem
  • Disobedient
  • Aggressive
  • Bites
  • Bucks
  • Lazy
  • Scared
  • Nervous, tense
  • Won't stand still
  • Hard to catch
  • Hard to lead
  • Spooks
  • Over excitable
  • Kicks
  • Strikes
  • Rears

When horses are not doing what we ask them to do, it is usually one or a combination of these four reasons:

  • The horse doesn't understand what I am asking him to do
  • The horse is afraid
  • The horse doesn't want to do what I'm asking (respect issue)
  • The horse can't do it (because it is physically impossible or my horse is blocked or in pain)

Gabi turns into a real detective in order to find the source of an issue. As she is also very competent and experienced regarding Natural Hoof Care, saddle fitting, identifying osteopathic issues and evaluating horses biomechanics, she can pinpoint the real cause and start fixing it at its source rather than trying to cure symptoms.

For example, if a horse takes off with his rider, it can have several reasons:

  • The bit hurts his mouth and he needs to see a dentist
  • The saddle pinches his back and he is purely running away from the pain
  • The horse can have back pain from other sources
  • The horse can simply feel crooked, out of balance and how to move in a healthier way needs to be explained to him
  • The horse is spooky and didn't learn yet how to trust his rider and how to relax in scary situations
  • The horse has developed a bad habit
  • The horse is afraid of the rider

There can be many reasons for the same "symptom" - sometimes a problem is fixed pretty quickly, sometimes it takes a bit longer. There is no miracle cure. Gabi will encourage you to come see the sessions and take lessons to change your own counter productive habits and become your horse's dream owner.

When can you bring your horse to fix the problem?

There is a rule that says: "The longer you think your horse is wrong, the longer your horse thinks he is right." It means the longer an issue is not addressed successfully, the harder it will become to correct. If you think your horse is wrong and you can't fix it yourself don't hesitate and ask for help!

You can come with your horse at any time depending on availability. Please use our Horse Education Contact Form to get in touch with us and we will arrange a date together.