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Our Philosophy

Throughout history, horses have walked side by side with human beings, empowering them to evolve and thrive through their services in agriculture and transportation. In modern times, horses may seem to have lost their purpose, but we firmly believe that they have an important role to play in human evolution, especially on the spiritual level. Horses are faithful companions and good for the soul. They assist in helping us to become confident and better people by teaching us compassion, humility, kindness and strong leadership qualities.  In every horse there is a great soul that wants to connect; all we have to do is reach out and find it.

Here at Haras Naturel du Plessis, our passion is to share our knowledge, experience and expertise by unlocking the secrets to develop a genuine partnership between you and your horse. We are here to teach you to discover that elusive sense of spiritual harmony and unity you’ve always dreamt of achieving with horses. And give you an opportunity to open the door to their inner soul. Learn to experience the overwhelming joy of yourself and your horse reaching your mutual goals as a team.

The Château du Plessis, beautifully situated in the Loire valley in the heart of France, is a horseman’s haven far away from city life. Surrounded by agricultural land and forest where you may encounter deer, roe and wild boar, you will enjoy picturesque lakes, wise old trees, an abundant vegetable garden that supplies most of the produce for the dinner table, and spacious and comfortable accommodation for both human and equine guests.

Welcome to the Plessis, where you will find the serenity to learn what you need to learn, and progress with new awareness and knowledge. With the expertise of Marie-Claire de Selliers, Gabrielle Neuhror and our team, you will be led to develop your horsemanship at your own speed. We wish you a warm welcome to the Plessis family and hope you will enjoy your stay!